Tragedy in Texas

There are some things that are fairly easy to establish, such as there is no moral compass greater than that which has its origin in God. Without God, all moral actions are at the whims of the individual. #Thrasymachus (a character in Plato's dialogue "Republic") is the philosophy of today, which is "might makes right."

How does that play into the tragedy of Texas? Only in this way: the solution of many is gun control, and whatever value there is in controlling access to guns, that is NEVER the problem, neither is it the solution.

The only solution is God, but our society has so long removed itself from God and that for which He stands, that His presence is in the tall grass and the effort to find Him is, well, not worth the effort. What is done in the meantime is to utilize the wicked wisdom of a society that does not even know where it's going and "pray" to the demons of the world it will be a success (Jer. 10:23; 17:9).

"Finding" God is paramount to a civilized and safe community, and those who tell you otherwise are flat wrong, and have their own interests in view.

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